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So Realtime is Done....

The three months of "I don't know what I'm doing..." has passed by, and there's only the exam left. Wow. The most common question we ask is "What do I do with my time now?" But then I figure there are lots and lots of things to do. Reading Slashdot, other projects, etc.

Realtime overall was such a great experience, and I think I really enjoyed it. The peers in the class were great. The insanity, no pants... We even made it to Waterloo Record, and Mathnews. We truely rock. I'm sure that our insanity level will not be topped off by our followers. We 0wnz j00 411!.

And I deserve to get really drunk now.

And here is some statistics for the Realtime project from Kernel Assignment 1 until the end. Realtime Statistics (generated using statcvs)